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What is LEAP Lab?

Our online Lean Enterprise Accelerator Program inspires teams and supports innovative individuals and groups by facilitating lean startup techniques in our 90-day accelerator program. The course motivates and encourages innovation through techniques specifically geared towards: Discovering a niche market segment (using more than just demographics), utilizing various techniques to gain customer empathy (understand customer’s pain/passion), identifying a Customer-Problem, and running rapid experiments to determine the Customer-Problem-Solution.

Your Instructors

Brant Cooper wrote the book.

After being a part of the rise and fall of numerous startups — IPO, acquisition, and crushing failure — Brant became an New York Times Bestselling Author and global innovation keynote speaker, sharing his knowledge with the world.

Brant practices what he preaches, engaged in deeply understanding the needs of Moves the Needle customers, and evaluating the business model evolution using the Value Stream Discovery framework.

Aaron Eden did it at scale.

How do you ramp startup innovation practices in a large, successful business without tripping up the large, successful part? To be meta about it, the answer is by acting as an internal Lean Startup.

As co-founder of Intuit’s internal LeanStartIN program, Aaron’s work led to hundreds of millions of dollars of new revenue, the Intuit CEO’s Leadership Award, the Educaction-Enablement-Empowerment of thousands of Intuit employees and laid the foundation to MTN’s proven workshops and leadership development.


The Lean Enterprise Accelerator Program or LEAP Lab guides you through proven lean startup techniques, to help you get your idea or concept off the ground. We offer our proven techniques at the individual team or corporate levels. For the Leap Lab Team and Corporate packages call us to request a demonstration, and we work with you to put together a strategy that works best for your group.